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Thursday, March 23, 2006
Random takes
From Salon's The Fix Wednesday:

Best/worst magazine covers, 2005: Taking a look at how magazines fared in 2005, one trend is clear: Talent does not equal sales. While covers featuring Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson were top sellers, issues with Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman sold the worst. A Britney Spears cover was Allure's best seller of the year, while its Hilary Swank issue was its worst. Tom Cruise, at the height of his summer of madness, was Details' biggest seller, while Jamie Foxx was GQ's lowest, back in January. (Media Industry Newsletter)

And in today's dispatch, Brad Pitt is a jerk (no surprise there,) Gorgeous George is not happy (this is becoming a trend,) and Charlie Sheen is stepping out onto the tin foil balcony re 9/11.
Sheen's conspiracy theories: During an interview on Wednesday on the GGN Radio Network program "The Alex Jones Show," Charlie Sheen aired his own skepticism over the official story of what happened on 9/11, suggesting the U.S. government may be covering up what "really" happened. "It seems to me like 19 amateurs with boxcutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory," said Sheen. "It raises a lot of questions. A couple of years ago, it was severely unpopular to talk about any of this. It feels like from the people I talk to, and the research I've done and around my circles, it feels like the worm is turning." Saying also that the destruction of the Twin Towers looked like "controlled demolition," Sheen called for a thorough investigation: "It is up to us to reveal the truth. It is up to us because we owe it to the families, we owe it to the victims, we owe it to everyone's life who was drastically altered, horrifically, that day and forever. We owe it to them to uncover what happened." (Page Six)
Unfortunately for those who will inevitably lampoon Sheen, there are engineers, physicists and other skeptics on that balcony with him...


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