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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Why we're there
Most of those who oppose the Iraq war have long suspected the invasion had little to do with democracy, and a lot to do with one or more of the following three things: 1. control of Iraq's oil (and with it, a whip hand over oil-needy Europe and China,) 2. projecting force into other countries in the Mideast, and 3. permanent U.S. bases from which do accomplish #2.

General Abizaid has just made the conspiracy theorists look a lot smarter. From Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States may want to keep a long-term military presence in Iraq to bolster moderates against extremists in the region and protect the flow of oil, the Army general overseeing U.S. military operations in Iraq said on Tuesday.

While the Bush administration has downplayed prospects for permanent U.S. bases in Iraq, Gen. John Abizaid told a House of Representatives subcommittee he could not rule that out.

Abizaid said that policy would be worked out with a unified, national Iraqi government if and when that is established, "and it would be premature for me to predict."

Many Democrats have pressed President George W. Bush to firmly state that the United States does not intend to seek permanent military bases in Iraq, a step they said would help stem the violence there.
Meanwhile, Iraq is edging closer and cloer to all-out civil war, say AP and Reuters...

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