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Monday, April 10, 2006
Duke rape case breaking news
Dan Abrams just announced that no DNA has been found on the accuser -- meaning under her fingernails or in her vaginal area -- belonging to one or more of the team members in the Duke lacrosse team rape case. According to officials, the only DNA that was found was on the bathroom floor and on towels belonging to two of the lacrosse players who lived at the house where the attack allegedly took place. None of that DNA matched the accuser. And lawyers note that it is common that a person's DNA would be found in their bathroom, and on their towel (particularly if the person is a post-adolescent male with no girlfriend...)

Anyway, the case is breaking all over the place. The prosecutor still believes that a rape took place. His case is now officially a he-said, she-said, unless there is some strong physical evidence (trauma to her, etc.) to go on.

Here's the story from the NBC affiliate in Raleigh:
DNA test results release Monday cleared members of the Duke University men's lacrosse team in an alleged rape of an exotic dancer at a party last month.

A North Carolina Central University student told police that she was performing as an exotic dancer at a March 13 party attended by lacrosse team members when she was pulled into a bathroom, beaten and raped by three men.

Forty-six members of the lacrosse team supplied DNA samples to authorities as part of the investigation, and the State Bureau of Investigation lab released the DNA evidence to the Durham County DIstrict Attorney's Office Monday afternoon.

Attorneys representing the players held a press conference to announce the results of the tests, saying they exonerated the players.

Attorneys Wade Smith and Joe Cheshire said the tests showed no DNA from any player was found on the woman or her belongings. The medical results showed the woman hadn't even had sex, the attorneys said.

"These results showed exactly what we knew all along," Cheshire said.
Still waiting to hear from the prosecutor...

Links: A few days ago, Alas a Blog did a good roundup of the case, that included the Jeralyn Merritt possible narrative of the case (a fight over money escalates into a rape charge?)

AAB also linked to this harsh article a few days ago in Front Page Magazine. Expect this sentiment to be repeated, many-fold, as the DNA results filter out...

Update: The local NAACP has been following the case as well, including what they say is racism in the case...

Update 2: Alas (a Blog) has the non-unexpected blog response... plus more on the vicissitudes of he-said, (s)he-said crime accusations...

Update 3: Wizbang's Kevin Aylward sees undue pressure on the D.A.

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