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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Guess who... not investigating Tom DeLay...?

... is getting universal health insurance...? (making it clear that it may be up to the states to get health care fixed -- and perhaps that's a good thing, luring skilled workers and families to states that have great healthcare offerings, and away from states whose contribution to healthcare is to force teenagers and rape victims to become unwilling mothers. Just a thought...) and wonder if Mitt Romney is drawing up the campaign materials on this one already...? making sense on immigration?
Forget the long-running bipartisan concern about creating an educated, highly skilled workforce. What the U.S. economy desperately needs is more high-school dropouts — so desperately that we should import them hand over fist.

Such is the logic of the contention by advocates of lax immigration that the flow of illegal labor from south of the border is a boon to our economy. But it doesn't make intuitive sense that importing the poor of Latin America would benefit us. If low-skill workers were key to economic growth, Mexico would be an economic powerhouse, and impoverished Americans would be slipping south over the Rio Grande.

..."accidentally" owned stock in the company that manufactured Ohio's voting machines...? drawing fire to himself again, and I'm not sure to what end...?

...benefited most from the Bush tax cuts? (no surprise there). signing off for the night? Gnight!
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