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Monday, April 10, 2006
Quick take headlines: Demands and disbelief

Duke rape case: Justice4twosisters keeps daily track of the Duke rape case, while lawyers for some of the lacrosse players say they've got photos that prove the alleged victim is lying... and the media (and the players) are still waiting for the DNA...

Protests work, part one: Chirac will scrap a controversial jobs law, after protesters took to the streets for weeks to demand it...

Protests work, part two: Meanwhile, about a million (or perhaps even 2 million...) Hispanic activists (including an expected 180,000 in D.C.) plan to march in the U.S. today during a "national day of action," to try and get amnesty laws through Congress... catch phrase for today: "leave the Mexican flags at home..." or else...

Immigration take: Steve Clemons argues that Sen. Feinstein and others are wrongheaded on immigration, in that they want more brawn from abroad, but not enough brains...

Niger forgeries: Joshua Micah Marshall doesn't believe the new, official story of those forged documents that claimed Iraq was seeking "quanities of uranium" from Niger...

More information, please: Arlen Specter doesn't think the administration has said enough about those intelligence "declassifications." (Wonder what he thinks of Alberto Gonzalez latest pronouncements on the administration's right to spy on purely domestic phonecalls...)

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