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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
What are you reading, Deborah Meyer?
On Hardball tonight, a mother who has two sons deployed in Iraq tried her hand at defending Donald Rumsfeld, and his conduct of the war in Iraq. She bombed miserably (the re-air is on now.) Ms. Deborah Meyer, bless her heart, thinks we went to Iraq "because we were attacked" and to "fight against the terrorism that's invading our country." She would "rather fight them over there than in our own streets." In short, she knows all the GOP talking points on the war, and she stumbled bravely through them on the air with Chris Matthews. But what was most curious about Ms. Meyer, in her flag-festooned cardigan and reading glasses, is that she appeared to be reading her comments from notes either in her lap or on a desk in front of her. The pauses, the stumbling, the obvious reading of information, vs. Rosemary Palmer, who lost a son in Iraq, and who managed to get through her points while actually looking into the camera -- as opposed to at her lap, through the reading specs on her nose -- Ms. Meyer was a bit of a pitiful show.

Matthews didn't even seem to have the heart to challenge her on the idea that Iraq attacked us on 9/11. Pitiful performance, and one Ms. Meyer's loved ones should gently ask that she not repeat. Not everyone was meant for prime time.

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