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Friday, May 05, 2006
Options open
Tony Blair's decision to remove Jack Straw as foreign secretary could be about Blair's need to rejigger his political standing in the U.K. Or it could be about something else. Says a traveling Steve Clemons:
Straw is taking the same path of the late Robin Cook when he was demoted from the Foreign Secretary portfolio.

Straw has adamently opposed a strike against Iran, under current conditions, and has stated forcefully that it would be an "illegal act." Blair seems to want to keep his Iran attack options open.
Not a pleasant thought to end a Friday on.

Meanwhile, tonight on the Situation Room, when he wasn't over-covering the Patrick Kennedy car crash story, former AIPAC flak Wolf Blitzer used yet another exclusive with Bibi Netanyahu to play the Iran as Hitler's Germany card regarding the supposed imminent threat to Israel if Iran acquires nuclear weapons. Blitzer conveniently forgot to ask Netanyahu about Israel's nuclear program, the illegal wall and settlements that are raking in Palestinian land on the West Bank, the continued incursions into Gaza and other minor issues keeping the Middle East in turmoil. But he did manage to get out the talking points that "when someone says they want to exterminate you, believe them," and that Israel will "work with the U.S." to see that Iran remains incapable of deterring the nuclear-armed Israelis.

What's coalescing here is really staggering. Perhaps Bush doesn't really care about his dismal approval ratings, because he's going to go for broke before the mid-terms, and, with the help of the British (and maybe the Israelis), launch a military attack on Iran.

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