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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Quick takes, May 10
Rupert Murdoch raising cash for Hillary? Calm down, Dems, it's called betting on the winner. And what does Mrs. Clinton have to say for herself?:
"He's my constituent and I'm very gratified that he thinks I'm doing a good job."
And if his wacked out right wing media outlets would lay off her a bit, that'd be okay, too.

Domestic spying??? Don't know nothin' bout it, says a Bush court nominee...

The pessimism of ordinary Americans is palpable in the latest CBS poll, this as wealthy investors are set to reap windfall profits from the Dow, and brand spanking new tax cuts, just for them. (And it's too bad the dollar is no longer pegged to gold, cause gold is kicking major ass...) Back to the poll:

Only 31% of those polled approve of Mr. Bush's job performance and 68% believe the United States is worse off today than it was before Bush became president.

Personal evaluations of Mr. Bush are the lowest they've ever been during his presidency. On the public's confidence in Bush's ability to handle a crisis, 51% had been the previous low in September 2005. That figure is now at 50%. The President's handling of the Hurricane Katrina crisis is tied to that decrease.

There is also concern that Mr. Bush is spending too much time on foreign policy issues: 55% think so. Also, on the issues that are most important to Americans, Iraq and gas prices, Bush's ratings have dropped.

On handling the issue of rising gas prices, Bush's performance rating dropped four percentage points from what it was a month ago (from 17% to 13%).

With the Iraq war, Bush's approval rating dropped one percentage point (from 30% to 29%) since last month. Similarly, only 30% of poll respondents said they have some degree of confidence Bush will be able to end the war successfully. The poll also reveals that 56% of those polled said that United States should have stayed out of Iraq; this number is the highest it's been since the start of the war.

The only area where Bush's approval rating is not at an all-time low is fighting terror: approval is at 46%.

Congressional Republicans get an eviscerating review in this poll. The GOP gets a favorability rating of 37%, exactly 20 percentage points lower than where it was in 1994. Inversely, Democrats in Congress had a favorability rating increase of 11 percentage points over what it was in 1994.

On the issues of Iraq and gas prices, the poll shows that the public believes Democrats are doing a better job. For instance, on Iraq, 48% said the Democratic Party is better while only 30% thought the Republican Party is. On keeping gas prices low, the disparity is even more pronounced: 57% say the Democrats perform better, while only 11% say the Republicans do.

Democrats also surpass Republicans in their work on issues such as prescription drug cots, improving health care and immigration, among others.

However, Republicans get a better assessment than Democrats in dealing with terrorism: 40% prefer the GOP's handling of the issue while 35% prefer the Democratic Party's.

The overall approval of Congress' performance has diminished vastly since 2001; only 23% approve now while 67% did in 2001. This figure reflects frustration over Congress' ability to challenge the President since 67% think Congress does not question his policies enough.

Also, 39% say that Congress would be in better condition today if Democrats were in charge, an increase from last month.
Ouch. And the Dem advantage if the election were held today: 11 points. Not that it matters this far out.

In the ratings race, Countdown is closing in on the Big Giant Head, and Olbermann is now officially the big ratings man on the MSNBC campus. Sorry Matthews, I guess sucking up to the GOP isn't that much of a ratings booster after all... Oh, and Olbermann and TV Newser have caught O'Reilly fudging his ratings. As if the angry old cooters still watching his rather sad chat show know what "ratings" are...

Staying with the TV news game, if this girl gets her boob job I'm taking out an ad. Stat.

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