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Friday, May 12, 2006
Something just ain't right
Why don't I trust Alberto Gonzales or the FBI on this Foggo thing? So the FBI raids Foggo's home, and they don't tell Porter Goss (not surprising, since a couple of his aides are implicated too.) I'm with the commenter on ABCNews blog thread who asks whether Foggo is the designated fall guy. Larry Franklin was on the Ed Schultz show tonight saying people inside the agency don't believe Foggo was directly involved in the bribe-making, which took place between 2000 and 2004, during part of which time Foggo was overseas.

I'm not saying Foggo is an innocent man. I'm just saying this smells like a continuation of the administration's war on the CIA, which is after all, the agency that warned Condi Rice that "Bin Laden (was) determined to attack inside the United States" and was ignored, and that warned the administration that the intel was foggy on Iraq having WMD (despite its former director's ridiculous "slam dunk" pandering.) They're the guys who had all the caveats Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld didn't want to hear, and now they're going down hard. Call me crazy, but this whole thing just looks like an attempt to squash this agency, using a sex-tinged scandal as the ultimate can of Raid.

Back to the story. This Hookergate thing is obviously bigger and nastier than even the name implies. NYT reports that up to a half dozen members of Congress could be ensnared, with TPM Muckraker outlining the possible tagging of California Rep. Jerry Lewis.

So heads in Congress and the CIA will roll. Whither the White House...

Tags: CIA, Patrick Kennedy, News, News and politics, Porter Goss, domestic spying, Hayden, NSA, Hookergate
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