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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Obama bin Laden?

I disagree with just about everything -- no, make that EVERYTHING -- AJ Strata says on his blog. But I like him, and have a good time sparring with him on occasion. But this post is just a bridge too far for me. Frankly, it's a let down from someone I consider to be an honest conservative, if in my opinion, a thoroughly Bush-bedazzled and misguided one. Short version: I knew it was only a matter of time before someone on the right made the Obama-Osama connection, with all the implied questions about Barack Obama's underlying loyalty to this country (and apparently, to Christianity itself). I just didn't think it would be this particular blogger. Much more Malkin's or LaShawn Barber's bag, man. (It also doesn't help that Strata is relying on information from a total nut, whose theories are supported by total nuts.)

Saying that the Illinois Senator is somehow "hiding his Muslimness" in order to mislead the American people in a way that's reminiscent of al-Qaida's propensity for treachery is like saying John Kerry doesn't want you to know he's really "part Jew" (which the lunatic fringe of the right -- which I guess is now defined as most of it) did during the 2004 campaign during their "Kerry's not really Irish phase...) Come to think of it, perhaps AJ is just fitting in.

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