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Friday, June 16, 2006
The Swiftboat-Rathergate patrol
Right wing bloggers are licking their chops at the prospect of Dan Rathering TIME Magazine over the Haditha story. As a back-up, some of the chickenhawk defense patrol are preparing to Swiftboat John Murtha, just in case. Murtha apparently could be called as a witness if and when a Haditha case goes to trial.

I, for one, hope that the Haditha story does turn out to be mistaken (and the righties have raised legitimate questions about the early reporting of the incident at Haditha, and no less a light than Paul Hackett has made a compelling case that Kilo Company took small arms fire after the IED blast that killed Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas, and of course, it is entirely possible that the death scene was faked to implicate the Marines.) In fact, I hope that no more members of the United States military wind up in prison (and crushing legal debt) for carrying out orders by officers who will themselves never face justice, or even tough scrutiny, for their orders, or civilian defense leaders whose sick affection for torture, secret detentions and disturbed interrogation methods has led to this war's disturbing decline into depravity and Saddam-worthy cruelty. Prosecute the civilians in the Pentagon first, and then we'll talk.

That said, I am more than sick of the right wing blogosphere and its chickenhawk radio companions' zeal to "take down" members of the supposedly liberal mainstream media for having the temerity to every so often do actual reporting, rather than Patriotically Parroting the Talking Points of Barron von Rumsfeld and the Dear Leader. Get off it, righties. You aren't at war with the media. They are, in large part, more than willing to do the president's bidding. You are at war with your own consciences, for supporting a man so clearly inadequate for the job as president that he makes a mockery of the office, and for supporting a war so clearly ruinous to the foreign policy and good name of the United States that it makes a mockery of war. Fight that battle first, and then we'll talk.

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