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Friday, July 07, 2006
The Friday funnies
Katherine Harris is back ... and she's hanging out with Alligator Bob in South Florida. No need to add a single solitary thing more. Here's the Herald's toungue-in-cheek account.

There is no gay marriage in New York. The Volokh Conspiracy has an excellent discussion of why.

The Pentagon catches a bout of "truthiness" about overstretched troops and North Korea.

On the one year anniversary of the 7/y bombings in London, al-Qaida continues to cooperate with the Bush publicity blitz.

Meanwhile, were "the terrorists" plotting to bomb and flood the Holland Tunnel. CNN is all over it! But in the AP story carried by the Guardian, I note this interesting nugget:
``At this time we have no indication of any imminent threat to the New York transportation system, or anywhere else in the U.S.,'' Richard Kolko, Washington-based FBI special agent, said in a statement to Associated Press Radio.

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., said that federal law enforcement and New York police have been monitoring a plot to attack New York's mass transit system for at least eight months.

``There was nothing imminent, but it was being monitored for long period time,'' said King, who said he has received regular intelligence briefings on the alleged plot as chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

King said he had been unable to publicly disclose the plot because to do so would risk the investigation.

``This is ongoing, that's why I've said nothing about it until now,'' King said. ``It would have been better if this had not been disclosed.''
So I guess Rep. King just happened to get the story to the Daily News in time for the 7/7 bombing anniversary ... coincidentally...

OK, I'm exhausted. ThinkProgress has a basket of headline goodies that's not to be missed. Mo money for Cheney and Hastert, more news on The Coultergeist, and Gitmo!

Read it, enjoy, and happy weekend.

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