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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Jumping through the window
It was no surprise to hear reports that Israel is implementing a five-year-old war plan in Lebanon (one which could wind up completely destabilizing that country and undermining its young democracy ... oh well...) It's equally unsurprising to read that the U.S. may be purposely holding back, to give Israel time (about a week, according to the Guardian) to inflict maximum damage on Hezbollah before we intervene at the U.N. to try and save a Lebanese bridge or hospital or two... Clearly, the U.S. and several of its allies, including the U.K., don't mind letting Israel play the proxy force, since we are so depleted of troops of our own.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is reportedly keeping an eye out for Hezbollah cells here at home...

the Israelis have put ground troops back in Lebanon for a "limited incursion..."

Americans are finally getting out of Lebanon, and it appears they won't have to pay for it after all...

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