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Thursday, July 06, 2006
North Korea ... major league mini-threat
So much for the Axis of Evil.

Saddam Hussein's Iraq was talked up as the greatest existential threat to the U.S. since the British crown, but it turned out the country had little more than a few old, spent shells with left over residue from the chemicals Don Rumsfeld brokered to the dictator during the 1980s... (now of course, the country, under U.S. occupation, really is dangerous...)

Iran is supposedly preparing to bomb Israel and us out of existence any minute now ... and any minute now, we'll come up with something really really significant to do about it...

And now North Korea's scary missiles, which even former Clintonistas, backed by the wack-jobs at Fox, Free Republic and on talk radio, were insisting we needed to shoot down, I suppose just before our invasion ... were Limbaugh-esque in their flaccidity.

Well surprise, surprise. The war on terror abroad is a joke, and the terror cells at home are a bunch of guys doing karate in a Miami warehouse.

Permission to come out from under the bed, winger faithful. You don't need a missile defense shield to defend against rockets that only last 40 seconds. Oh, yeah, that's right. North Korea's failure to launch proves we must invade them and put up a missile shield umbrella over the entire North American continent, stat...

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