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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
The Hajj distraction
Right wing bloggers have been having a field day with the story of a now fired Reuters photographer, Adnan Hajj, who was caught photoshopping a pair of photos to enhance the images of smoke rising from the city of Beirut. Thinking they've seized upon another "Rathergate", the apologists for the neocon worldview are gleefully touting Hajj as an example of how the "liberal media" is distorting the war, ignoring this "important story," and siding with the "terrorists" against poor, defenseless Israel.

But no matter how the righties try, try, and try again, they can't get this to be a story beyond Fox News and their own corner of the blogosphere (a big corner, since they've pushed "Adnan Hajj" to the top of Technorati). The reason? Because the real pictures coming out of Lebanon are more compelling than the extra puffs of smoke in Hajj's two shots, or another useless blogburst about the "liberal media".

More photos here, from the BBC.

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