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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Michelle Malkin: right wing moonbat
Has right wing blogger/immigrant and minority scold/Fox News babe Michelle Malkin finally jumped the shark? Her wacky Qana conspiracy theory ... let's call it the Qanspiracy... puts her in "hunt the Boeing" territory ... only with far less credibility. ... And, she has a

Here's the theory, courtesy of ThinkP:

The Choreographed Photos Claim. Malkin argues that the pictures of dead civilians at Qana “appear to be posed, not spontaneous action shots of an unfolding tragedy.” She cites the blog EU Referendum, whose author Richard North speculates that one man who appears in several photos carrying dead bodies is a “Hezbollah official.” Asked by a Washington Post blogger for evidence to substantiate this claim, North responded, “All I have to go on is gut instinct.”

The Hezbollah Bombing Claim. Malkin also pushes the theory that Hezbollah “destroyed the building deliberately.” Malkin points to a possible eight hour delay between when the Isrealis report striking the building, and the first reports of the building’s collapse. (Even popular conservative blogs have noted the similarity between this claim and the WTC Building 7 conspiracy theories.)
Yes, and then there's the small matter of Israel's having apologized for the bombing... and their promise to investigate (although some members of the Israeli government have thrown out some odd statements of their own...) More from Think:

Accounts of the incident from Israel, Lebanon and reporters all contradict Malkin’s version of the events. Villagers in Qana say the wall and roof of the building collapsed shortly after the building was struck. Reporters on the scene confirm that the building “appeared to be hit from above.” Israeli Air Force chief of staff Amir Eshel has acknowledged he “can’t say” when the building collapsed, and has relied on “foreign press reports” to determine the timing. Regardless, Israel is not suggesting that the collapse was staged by Hezbollah. Eschel called even the suggestion that Hezbollah had stored munitions in the building a “conspiracy theory.” The Israeli airforce says it has “no information on…the presence of Hezbollah men [in the area] at the time.” Also, Israel has apologized for the incident.
Meanwhile, with some 900 dead Lebanese and counting... (I guess they're all faking it, according to Ms. Malkin...) Israel says it's engaged in a "battle for perception" -- namely, the perception that they have "beaten" Hezbollah. Apparently, Hezbollah didn't get the memo. Some in Israel are even asking, if we're winning, why are they still firing rockets?

More news:

Six people killed in rocket strikes in northern Israel Two IDF soldiers killed in fighting in south Lebanon (Haaretz)

Rights group: IDF apparently targeted Lebanese civilians (Haaretz)

The Israeli Army responds, saying it would not have bombed the building if it knew civilians were inside (BBC)

Also from that BBC article, the death toll at Qana has been revised downward:
Meanwhile, the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW), citing local Red Cross and hospital records, said the 28 people confirmed to have died included 16 children.

"It now appears that at least 22 people escaped the basement," the group added in a statement.

According to its investigation, most of the victims belonged to the Shalhub and Hashim families.

Thirteen people remain unaccounted for, and some Qana residents fear they are buried in the rubble, although recovery efforts have stopped, HRW says.

And of course, it wouldn't be Thursday without: Iranian president continues to bring the crazy (my headline, Haaretz's story...)

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