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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
The question that sums it up
This headline speaks volumes about what's going on in the Middle East:

Man who loses family asks, ‘Who is to blame?’

Who, indeed.

And lest we make like CNN and forget, another 44 people were killed by a bomb attack in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the neocons apparently have fallen in love with George W. Bush all over again :
“This is exactly the right strategy, which you could call ‘Don’t just do something, stand there [while Israel continues its military campaign]’,” said David Frum, a former speechwriter to George W. Bush, who helped draft the president’s 2002 ‘Axis of Evil’ address.

“What we are seeing are precisely the same divisions as we saw over Iraq with the neo-conservatives rallying behind Mr Bush and almost everyone else feeling rising panic at the direction of American diplomacy,” said Francis Fukuyama, a former neo-conservative.
Isn't amazing how the sight of dead Arabs just does wonders to lift those wacky neocon spirits?

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