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Monday, September 11, 2006
Katie bar the door
According to TV Newser, Katie may have had more up-front appeal than staying power as the new voice and face of CBS News:

Katie's First Week: Third Place On Friday

FLASH--World News and Nightly News beat Katie on Friday, a tipster says...

Update: 9:19am: "Katie crashes," an e-mailer says. "Friday overnights show CBS back to pre-Katie ratings..."

Update: 9:24am: She averaged a 4.9 in metered market households on Friday, Drudge says, putting her in third place for the day...

> Update: 10:02am: "In all the East Coast and central time zones, the Evening News was preceded by tennis," an e-mailer says. "That hurt her lead-in by a lot, so any number she DID have was tune-in, not people already watching CBS..."
And if that's not enough:

The Hollywood Reporter's Barry Garron revisits the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and still doesn't like what he sees:"More and more, it looks as if Couric has not so much left NBC's Today but instead brought it with her. True, there are no celebrity interviews, shots of people holding up signs or weatherman-anchor banter -- at least, not yet -- but there is a new format, attitude and array of features that have more in common with morning news shows than the traditional evening shows."He suggests this sign-off for Couric: "In case you're not sure, you've been watching CBS News..."

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