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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
The secret candidate
Why won't Charlie Crist debate Jim Davis? Our boy "Chain Gang" Charlie Crist has gone into hiding, refusing so far to debate his opponent for governor, and apparently, even trying to pull out of one of the two debates he did agree to before the November 7 election.

FlaPolitics questions Charlie the Coward...
Color Charlie yellow:
[Charlie Crist]has declined recently to participate in two such events, forums on health care and child welfare issues, even after their organizers thought the campaign had agreed to them.

This week, Crist also threatened to withdraw from one of two planned televised debates with Davis. His campaign objects to the format of the event...
"Crist Leery Of Debate With Davis". And this will come as a shock - Charlie can't come up with an original idea; first he wants to copy Jebbie, then on the issue of health care (where Jebbie has done nothing), he copies Davis:
Crist's prescription drug plan and his proposals to negotiate with the drug industry to get volume discounts for Floridians, along with allowing businesses to pool together to get cheaper insurance for their employees are similar to proposals Democratic candidate Jim Davis presented in March.
"Crist Touts Program For Florida's Health". Or was he copying someone else? See "Crist's prescription plan: Copy Wal-Mart"
Why are you hiding, Charlie? Could it be a certain, embarassing former roommate...?

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