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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
The sound of shoes dropping
Lie: "No one knew that Mark Foley had an issue with pages..."
Truth: warnings about Foley go back, among pages and in the halls of Congress, at least five years. Oh, and apparently, the FBI knew about him too, as early as July 21, when the emails were turned over to them by CREW.

Lie: "Mark Foley was an aberration on the Hill."
Truth: He may be an aberration, or he may be one of several dirty old men pimping the page system in Washington D.C.

Lie: "No politics were played with the Foley case."
Truth: The GOP treated the Foley "problem" as a political issue, failing to inform the Democrat on the Page Board for fear of exposure, and if Dennis Hastert is to be believed, Tom Reynolds saw it as more of a potential campaign issue than a moral one.

Lie: Bay Buchanan is a partisan hack.
Truth: Like her brother Pat, Bay can keep it real when she's ready.

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