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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Quick take headlines, Wednesday
It's a "no" for Alcee Hastings, but he has the quote of the day: "Sorry, haters, God is not finished with me yet." And another thing: why is it that impeachment hasn't slowed down Bill Clinton, and resigning in disgrace hasn't stopped Newt "down with free speech" Gingrich from plotting to run for fuhrer president, but Alcee Hastings has to pay for not being convicted of a crime for the rest of his career?

The poisoned Russian spy was smuggling nuclear material? Interesting... and there's more to the story...

How the hell do you go down for using your city credit card on Red Lobster and a cheap-ass hotel for your druggie girlfriend who throws you under the bus anyway? Damn. And I know this guy.

The dollar is in the crapper. Film at 11.

The GOP is in the crapper too. Sad, miserable Republicans crying...

Ahmadinejad pens his "letter to America".

Oh, and get this: the Bushies think al-Maliki is incompetent... pot ... kettle... (psst! Did you hear that U.S. has basically no influence over the accelerating mess in Iraq? And the Bush-Maliki confab could make matters worse...)

Meanwhile, our good friends in Pakistan tell NATO, accept defeat in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban.

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