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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
The results post
I spoke too soon. Some early results are in.

Vermont - Sanders wins (I) in the Senate.
Indiana - Richard Lugar (R) re-elected easily.
Virginia - too early to call

7:30 update:

Ted Strickland has given the Democrats one governorship they didn't have -- in Ohio.

Also, Robert Byrd easily reelected in West Virginia to his ninth term.

Sherrod Brown and Mike DeWine are too close to call.

8:03 update:

No surprises here, Bill Nelson is projected to retain his Senate Seat in Florida, as will Olympia Snowe of Maine.
Ditto Trent Lott of Mississippi.

It's also being projected that Deval Patrick of Massachusetts is set to become only the second African-American governor in U.S. history (shocking that that's true, but great news.) He wins after one of the nastiest, most racist campaigns run by a Republican this year. His opponent richly deserved to lose.

8:34 update:

Bob Casey is now projected as the winner in Pennsylvania (bye-bye, Rick Santorum). That's 1 pick-up for the Dems.

And the Democrats have held onto the Senate seat in New Jersey, where Robert Menendez is now projected to win. Once again, New Jersey teases the reds, and then stays blue. So much for that strategy for attrition on the part of the GOP.

8:42 update:

Sherrod Brown is now projected to have beaten Mike DeWine. That's +2 for the Dems.

And another point I think that will be made tomorrow, that the Democratic victories are also something of a repudiation of the left-wing base. That's not a dig at the netroots. I think it's just an emerging truth that the Dems repositioned themselves with much more centrist candidates, similar to the way Bill Clinton won it by triangulation in 1992 and 1996.

9:20 update

Maryland is in, and sorry, Michael Steele afficionados, he just didn't have it in him. Congratulatins to Ben Cardin, and to the Dems, who now have picked up 3 seats. My take: Steele didn't deserve to win for a party that has worked so hard to intimidate and disenfranchise Black voters. Good riddance to him, and to Ken Blackwell and Lynn Swann. That's not a net pick-up since it was already a Democratic seat, but it's a good win and I'm sooooo happy about it.

Breaker: The Webb-Macaca race has tightened the hell up. With 78.88% of precincts reporting, it's 49.72% for Allen to 49.08% for Jim Webb. And if you go down the ticket, this is a redder than red state. All of the Republican candidates down ticket are winning by two to one margins. So for Webb to be this close is extraordinary.

9:28 update

Hell yes! CNN is projecting that Sheldon Whitehouse will defeat Linc Chafee in Rhode Island. Chafee isn't a bad sort, but he is a victim of his party label tonight. It's just not good to be a Republican in the state that detests President Bush the most. That's Dems +3 folks. Two more's the charm! The Dems need three of four in Missouri, Montana, Virginia and Tennessee to take the Senate. It's going to be a tight squeeze, with Old Dixie hanging tough in Tennessee and VA.

Another update, here in Florida in the 16th District, where Mark Foley skulked out of Congress and into rehab, Joe Negron, Foley's stand-in, is behind Democrat Tim Mahoney with a small number of precincts reporting. But what's significant about that is that Florida's vote counting gets more Democratic the later into the night you go. That's because, as I said in another post, the northern, more Republican, whiter districts always come in first, with Democrat-leaning South Florida bringing up the rear. And you can't call anything until Miami-Dade and Broward come in, and that's typically late.

10:05 update

Back to Florida. NBC News is calling the governor's race for Charlie Crist. I'm sure his camp is feeling quite happy and gay tonight ... ahem. In Florida 22, Clay Shaw (the Republican whose final campaign ads touted his work with Bill Clinton, for god's sakes,) is behind the Democrat, Ron Klein 47% to 51% with 57% reporting, The Democrat, Tim Mahoney is just ahead of the Mark Foley stand-in, Joe Negron, 49% to 48%. It also looks like the Republican, Vern Buchanan, is on track to win Katherine Harris' old seat.

10:53 update:

The Dems have picked up seats in North Carolina (Shuler) and Florida (Mahoney beat the Foley guy). They also have pick-ups in Kentucky, for a total of 8 at this count. One more just came in, as CNN projects the Dems will pick up a GOP House seat in Pennsylvania.

In Florida, we knocked off Clay Shaw and the Mark Foley seat to add two to the mix, and we picked up one statewide/cabinet office, the CFO Alex Sink. I guess Floridians are at least smart enough not to trust Republicans with their money. But voters here did deliver the governor's mansion into the hands of big insurance companies, big sugar and other mega-industries (Crist's backers). And they passed an amendment, Amendment 3, which will strip them -- the voters -- of much of their power to amend the state constitution by petition. Brilliant, guys. Oh, the joys of living in a red state.

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