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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Rothenberg speaketh
The cautious prognosticator is predicting a whopping 34 to 40 seat pick-up for the Dems in the House, and a 6-seat gain in the Senate. As of yesterday, both Tennessee and New Jersey remained in the toss-up column, which is actually great news for Harold Ford, who has been trailing in every poll I've seen, but not so good news for Bob Menendez in New Jersey, who should be winning in this bluish state. By Rothenberg's math, DeWine and Santorum are as good as gone.

On the House side, what's incredible is that there are 20 "pure toss-up" seats, all of them Repbulican-held. Add tp that seven toss-ups that are currently Republican held but that are tilting Dem, and the three others that are currently R and leaning D, and my math says 30. And if I were in a predicting mood, that would probably be my up-side.

Taegan Goddard has the latest strategy memo from Stan Greenberg and James Carville, also predicting good things for Dems.
"It is very hard to look at the most recent Democracy Corps survey in the 50 most competitive Republican-held districts finished last night and not conclude that we are headed toward a 1994 election -- with the Democratic majority approaching that of the Gingrich Congress. The named Democratic vote for Congress has moved up from a 3-point lead to 7-point margin since Sunday, with the named Democrat for the first time moving over 50 percent (51 to 44 percent). For the first time, the Democratic candidate is ahead on average in the bottom tier of least competitive races."

Go to PW for the links.

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