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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Webb-Allen is still going... and going ...
Now Webb is up, by about 3,000 seats. If the late precincts/Black precincts thing holds, this could be one hell of a flip.

Also, did NBC News just say that J.D. Hayworth has lost his House seat??? Wow... Yep. He lost, 42%-41%. Kyl won, though, and Napolitano cruises to victory as governor.

More updates...

My former home state of Colorado finally has a Democratic governor again.

Meanwhile, Marilyn Musgrave is in a dog-fight, the marriage amendment appears assured of passage, the partner benefits bill will likely fail (if I know my Coloradans,) and the Dems could pick up a second House seat (besides Musgrave's.)

So far, the Dems have also picked up 28 governorships (Florida notwithstanding.)

And Minnesota has given the U.S. its first Muslim Congressman.

Update: You've just got to hear all the conciliation talk on Fox News. Oh, Shep, you're so precious when you're losing.

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