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Saturday, November 04, 2006
What I'll be reading
I tend to build up tremendous nervous energy as an election closes in. And the only cure for it is to gorge my brain with as many numbers and analyses as I can. Either that, or I have to watch a lot of TV. So over the next four days, here's where I'll be hanging out to get my political junke fix in the run-up to the big day (that and I'm SO going to see "Borat"...):

Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball. Forget the Senate and the House, where the conservative Sabato is predicting a veritable Democratic rout of the GOP. In the governorships, Sabato counts six currently Republican held state houses leaning, likely or solidly Democratic, and not a single Democratic-held seat even leaning Republican. And that includes possibly putting the red states of Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas and Ohio in Democratic hands during the crucial 2008 presidential run. That's important, because control of the governor's mansion is one key component of putting together awinning presidential race. Too bad Florida, which Sabato kindly puts in only "leaning Republican" rather than "likely Republican" where it more realisticallly probably is, won't be in the game in '08, given the weak campaign of the Democratic challenger.

The Rothenberg Report blog. Unfortunately, I don't have the cash to buy the real thing, but thankfully, Rothernberg, one of the most cautious and respective names in the prognosticating biz, posts a lot of the relevant stuff on his blogspot. I wonder if he hates Blogger as much as I do ...

Crawfordslist. Craig Crawford finally got off the blogspot chuck wagon, and his news site provides some of the top drawer political analysis you'd normally have to pay for at Congressional Quarterly. Plus, he reminds me of an adorable muppet on the Muppet Show. Don't ask me why. I think it's the eyebrows and the surprised look on his face whenever Keith Olbermann introduces him.

The National Journal's Hotline blog. One of my daily fixes. They will have some of the most detailed, frequently updated analyses of the big races. Plus, they post great stuff like this:
Then, those brave neo-cons who pined for a war with Saddam Hussein essentially regurgitate all over the entire Bush national security team in Vanity Fair. Vice President Cheney, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos yesterday, looked shell-shocked.
Hee hee ... and the veep wasn't even staring down the barrel of a loaded skeet hunting shotgun at the time... For the truly junkified, you can also check out Chuck Todd and John Mercurio on Hotline TV.

Talking Points Memo. Joshua Micah Marshall subscribes to all the good stuff, and between his main site, the Muckraker pages and the TPMCafe, he's also on my daily reading list.

MYDD. They're partisan, and at least as far to the left as Kos, but somehow for me they're far less annoying. Plus, you can't get more polling and race by race data than at this site. RedState tries to provide the same thing, but they use far too many Karl Rove talking points for my taste.

Here in Florida, I've really taken to the Dem-leaning, but poll-rich FlaPolitics blog. Good stuff there, and even with its partisan lean, its a great source of info on the key races here, especially for someone like me, who spends a lot of time following the national races, leaving less time to really focus on what's going on at home.) By the way, FLAP posted something everyone here in Florida should read and read again: if you're voting absentee because you're leery of the machines, make sure you really know what you're doing -- follow all the instructions to the letter, and SIGN THE OUTSIDE ENVELOPE! Otherwise, you might as well have traveled to Ohio and voted on a Diebold.

And of course, I can't get through the morning without RawStory and the Drudge Report, just to keep it balanced.

That's where I'll be. Any suggestions on other stuff to check up on, drop me an email or post in comments.

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