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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
So ... I guess we're not going to Mars anymore

What ever happened to Bush's SOTU promise to get us to the Red Planet? It's been two long years, and I'm seriously disturbed that Mars seems to have dropped completely from his rhetoric...!

Anyway, without Mars, and lo, without "switchgrass," this year's State of the Union speech left me rather bored. (Martians shouldn't feel too badly. New Orleans didn't make the speech, either...)

Bush was conciliatory -- a new Bush, as it were. He gave a nice tribute to Mother, who sat behind him looking lovely -- but blinking at such a phenomenal rate that the contrast between her blinking, and Dick "The Robot" Cheney's tendency to whet his eyeballs only once every 15 minutes -- was actually disturbing. The prez also sent well wishes to the two incapacitated members of Congress -- something the vice president has probably consulted his voodoo dolls about nightly...

Bush offered a laundry list of Democratic sounding proposals -- 20 percent reduction in our dependence on foreign oil, a balanced federal budget, earmark reform, "comprehensive immigration reform" ... and without amnesty! (how to do, how to do???) ... and a massive federal tax subsidy to insurance companies paid for by taxpayers so that a handful of the 47 million uninsured can use a tax credit to buy crap insurance from Bush's donors ... oops, that was a Republican sounding proposal ...

Oh, and Bush said we're all in it together in Iraq. Goodie. Oh, and about that stuff about Iran plotting to arm our enemies in Iraq (which did make the speech,) Bushie may want to back order a copy of the L.A. Times.

He did introduce Dikembe Mutombo, who is no longer a citizen of the DRC, since he's now an American citizen. And he pointed out Wesley Autry, the guy who saved that other guy from getting run over by a train in New York City. Heart warming stuff, though tough to get in its entirety since I was literally falling asleep by then.

Sorry to sound so unserious, but a less than serious speech doesn't seem to merit much real blogthought. Not when I have to get up at 3 a.m. to troll through this stem winder on the morning show. So I'll leave you to the tender mercies of the Associated Press... surely they'll make sense of it. Oh, and one more thing: if this was the speech intended to get most Americans to tune back in to Mr. Bush and give him a fresh look, I wouldn't count on it moving the meter.

Jim Webb is doing his thing now. Gotta go. Here's the AP on Bush's Iraq challenge ... apparently even Norm Coleman isn't buying... (BTW as I predicted this morning, Webb got full TV coverage -- 8 broadcast and cable nets carried his response to Bush's speech. In case you didn't stay up for it, here's the speech. It's good stuff.

Meanwhile, five more Americans died in Iraq today. And here's the scoop on Bush's tough sell job.

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