What’s new in the Global War on Terror?

U.S. troops voice skepticism about Bush’s troop surge escalation augmentation. And the folks on the Hill aren’t exactly singing its praises, either… or in Baghdad, among the Iraqis.

Zbigniew Brzezinski points out the five flaws in Bush’s escalation plan. My question: there are only five?

BTW, speaking of our oil wars… if oil is below $52 a barrel, why am I still paying $2.32 a gallon for regular?

And remember when President Clinton “bombed an aspirin factory in Sudan” and tried to hit Osama bin Laden and didn’t get him? The right called it a pin prick, or dropping bombs on a camel’s butt (so did Condi, by the way…) So … um … with U.S. aircraft strafing Somalia, and U.S. forces on the ground there, too, and failing, utterly, to get their man… shouldn’t we say the same thing?

Oh, and did you see Chris Matthews smack down Tony Snow on the issue of what he called the threat of an “extra-constitutional war” agaisnt Iran?

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