Tomorrow’s news today

The Senate moves us closer to a still pitiful, but higher, minimum wage

Outgoing Iraq top general George Casey says the troop surge should be cut in half … even as the Congressional Budget Office reveals that the actual size of Bush’s troop surge could really be some 48,000 troops, once you count the support troops needed to back 21,500 combat forces.

Meanwhile, John McCain no likey Casey for new Army chief of staff…

And Fox “News” reports two Iraqi generals are suspected of aiding an attack on U.S. troops… surprise!

Number of U.S. levees at risk of failing, Katrina style: 122

Percentage of American men dealing with erectile dysfunctin: 18

Number of Harry Potter books left: 1

Chances of Rush Limbaugh’s fat, drug-addled ass actually EVER getting a Nobel Peace Prize: 0 … (chances these morons will eventually see the irony in some winger think tank trying to nominate El Rushbo: about the same…)

Mary Cheney says “I’m keeping my babay…”

Meanwhile, sorry fellas. Don’t let the marriage flap from a couple years ago fool you. San Fran Mayor Gavin Newsom is so very definitely, totally and completely not gay … not by a longshot. Can we call him the male Angelina Jolie now?

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