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Friday, March 23, 2007
Quick take headlines: the Friday follies
Obama may be distancing himelf from the Hillary 1984 ad guy, but he can't really be all that unhappy about the incredibly viral ad, which was both well done and effective at communicating the "don't be a drone, Hillary's not the only choice" message the Obama campaign is trying to convey. Oh, and don't worry about the ad guy, whose actual name is Philip de Vellis. The spot was so good, he'll definitely get another job. Madison Avenue, here he comes!

I don't care what they say, I still believe in The Politico! Their latest buzz: it's not just the Democrats who are relishing the impending Gonzalesgate rumble...

Things pre-schoolers shouldn't do: eat paste ... use the microwave without adult assistance ... use cocaine...

Best headline of the day: Ship jumper: Yup, I was drinking

A murder mystery gives new meaning to the phrase "that's not cricket..."

... and Crazy Mel is at it again...

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