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Goodbye, Goodling, see you in at the hearings!

Monica Goodling, pictured with Karl Rove Another story I didn’t get a chance to put up yesterday: The surprise unsurprising resignation Friday of former Alberto Gonzales aide Monica Goodling, the Messiah Bible college and Pat Robertson-founded law school alum and … Continue reading

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Brits to Yanks: butt out!

The Guardian breaks the story this morning that the Bush administration offered to help free the 15 British military captives from Iran via military intervention, but the offer received a rather chilly response from the Brits, who apparently have cooled … Continue reading

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The adventures of Baghdad John, continued … when a stroll isn’t exactly a stroll

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t exactly a pleasant stroll through that Baghdad market … Baghdad John McCain “clarifies” his remarks about just how safe it is in Iraq: (CBS) Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says he misspoke in comments … Continue reading

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While you were out

I took a couple days off blogging to deal with “other issues” (you just ponder that one for a minute… cause I’m not giving details…) Strangely enough, the political universe didn’t shift that much since Wednesday So what’s new in … Continue reading

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