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Baghdad bantustans?

The U.S. military builds a wall to separate the Sunni and Shia in Baghdad. Several residents interviewed likened the project to the massive barriers built by Israel around some Palestinian zones. “Are we in the West Bank?” asked Abu Qusay, … Continue reading

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‘Like clubbing a baby seal’

… That’s how a Republican Senator described Alberto Gonzales’ embarassing performance yesterday in defense of his conduct in the U.S. attorney firings. Gonzales managed to unite 18 of the 19 members of the Senate Judiciary committee, with only Orrin “Please … Continue reading

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Quick take headlines: Impeach me, my sweet impeachable you

RawStory says it has an anonymous source on Capitol Hill who says ultra-long shot presidential candidate, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, will introduce articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney next Wednesday. The source reportedly tells Raw that Kucinich delayed the introduction of … Continue reading

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I tend to fall on the side of freedom of information, and I loathe the idea of censorship. Americans receive such sanitized news, particularly when it comes to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Consequently, we have no idea what … Continue reading

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