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Wolfie and Gonzo: a tale of two baddies

Apparently, being Paul Wolfowitz means hooking up your girlfriend with a plum job. Now, Germany becomes the first to say, he’s got to leave the World Bank. There will be others. Meanwhile, Frank Rich lights up the Bush administration for … Continue reading

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Mr. Maliki tears down the wall

Iraqi P.M. Nouri al-Maliki bows to the pressure to suspend the building of a wall to separate Sunni from Shia in Baghdad, which was to have been built by the U.S. military. Sunnis had complained the wall would turn them … Continue reading

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A solitary, twisted life

The New York Times attempts to unpack the mind and the short, unhappy life of Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung Hui. The report, by N.R. Kleinfeld, also reveals more details about the time lag between the first and second shootings, … Continue reading

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Now wouldn’t THAT be ironic…

CBS Radio is reportedly interviewing Jason Whitlock, an African-American sports columnist for AOL Sports and the Kansas City Star, to take Don Imus’ old spot on WFAN as a syndicated national radio host. Conventional African-American Wisdom: That’s great! Um. …. … Continue reading

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