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Friday, April 27, 2007
The Friday (not so) funnies
Miami-Dade's housing crisis continues, with a little shantytown having become a central pivot point. That shantytown burned down this week. Now the activists involved are planning their next move. We talked with Max Rameau, the lead activist, this morning.

Speaking of burning down the house, Don Imus' fired producer Bernard McGuirk says he didn't get the memo on dem nappy headed hos...

That drag thing? Living with that gay couple when Donna Hanover kicked him out for cheating? Forget all that. Rudy Giuliani is totally opposed to gay civil unions. No, really. Seriously. I mean, like, really opposed...

During the Democratic debates last night, the issue of South Carolina's continued use of the Confederate flag came up. It was handled deftly by both Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who pointed out that the reason the debate was being held at South Carolina State was that James Clyburn, and alumnus of the historically Black college invited them, despite the NAACP's flag-orignated tourism ban. Obama, for his point, said the flag belongs in a museum, not the capitol.

Apparently, some Black guy was outside the debates all dressed up in Confederate regalia. I wonder if it was this guy... and he's got a book... which led me to wonder, just what about those alleged Black Confederate soldiers? I suspect that few, if any, were really believers in the Confederate cause.

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