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Monday, April 09, 2007
Imus in the mourning

So much news, so little blogtime...

Don Imus has been cowed ... for now ... he'll do the required audience with Rev. Al this afternoon (you can here it here... plug for my station...) and he says "hey, I'm a good person, 'dem butch-ass hos from Rutgers not withstanding...)

...wonder if he'll fire that racist asshole Sid Rosenberg again... or if The Ticket will...

By the way, sorry, but Imus -- who, by the way, looks suspiciously like a nappy-headed ho himself -- was putting the girls down for their looks (vs. the Tennessee women) not their race. ... He just put it in the way white men probably talk when they're in "unmixed company." Unfortunately for him, "unmixed company" included MSNBC's airwaves, and a national radio audience. Suspend the guy for a day or two and be done with it.

[Caveat on! the problem of course is that what underlies comments like Imus' is the notion that Black women who are athletic, who are dark skinned, who don't look like Beyonce, aren't so feminine (let alone woman basketball players, who take no end of abuse from male sports fans...) That it itself was racist, sexist, and probably a lot homophobic too, and I definitely will walk back from my initial reaction to this, which was basically, who cares what the old geezer has to say? He sure as hell wasn't referring to me! The power disparity between Imus and his victims changes this from satire to bullying, and racial bullying at that. I'm grown up enough to admit that my initial reaction didn't take that aspect seriously enough... so I was wrong. There, I said it... caveat off!]

Oh, okay, Imus is still freaking apologizing. God, please somebody give this guy a drink...

Imus did the contrition thing on Rev. Sharpton's show on our syndicated network this afternoon. At this stage, one wonders whether he did the entire broadcast on his knees.

Update 2: MSNBC has suspended the simulcast of Imus' morning show for two weeks, and CBS Radio has followed suit with the radio broadcast. (I called for the same thing, but I said two days. Well, I guess I'm just easy going...)


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