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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Rudy plays the fear card, Wolfie plays the Bennett card
Rudy Giuliani played the uniter about as long as he can stand it. Now, he's showing himself for what he is, (as one Politico commenter put it) a "bald George W. Bush". Giuliani told an appreciative GOPer crowd that ... surprise! If Democrats win the White House in 2008, there will be another 9/11 ... I wonder if Rudy remembers who was mayor of New York City the first and the second time the World Trade Center was attacked -- and whose stupid idea it was to move the nerve center for emergency response into the WTC after the 1993 attack...

Meanwhile, Paul Wolfowitz, facing increasing calls for his ouster from the World Bank, hires impeachment-tested counsel...

Hey Rudy! Maybe if things get really bad -- or if you get elected president -- we could escape to this brand new planet, and leave you hear to do justice upon the terr'rists!

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