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The Rudy balloon begins to lose air

I told you Rudy screwed up that GOP debate… and that the more Red America get to know him, the worse he’ll do in the polls. Update: Rudy’s rivals put the shiv in, over revelations of Rudy’s charitable giving … … Continue reading

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Quick take headlines: The Tuesday lineup

Somoe 35,000 troops get their orders: prepare to be deployed to Iraq. Six people are arrested in an alleged plot to attack Fort Dix. On the diplomatic front, George W. Bush probably won’t getting any invites to vacation at Bal … Continue reading

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Kansas wanting

How do you recover from a killer tornado when so much of your National Guard equipment is in Iraq?

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Good night, sweet civil rights division

McClatchy Newspapers uncovers the latest undercurrent of the Gonzogate scandal: the politicization of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division, which was created as part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and which traditionally prosecution voting rights violations, hate crimes, … Continue reading

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