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Sunday, May 06, 2007
Vote le France
The polling is brisk in France. We'll se if Mme. Royal can beat the odds, and the exit polls. What's interesting about the race is how apparently, older women appear to be the ones sinking Segoline Royal at the polls, preferring the tiny, but macho, Sarkozy. I suppose France is not the tres moderne pais one might have thought it to be.

I would venture that there are lessons for Hillary Clinton in the French campaign, although I believe that a preponderane of older American women won't want to miss the chance to put a woman in the White House, while French older women, many of them anyway, appear to be clinging to old fashioned ways. And Royal appears to have had other problems, many of them stylistic and ideological, that added to her woes as a woman candidate.

Interesting race, though, and what brilliantly high turnout (yep, I have turnout envy...)
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