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So Barry Bonds has passed Hank Aaron’s home run record, after batting in his 756th homer. Forgive me while I contain my glee. Yep, I’m one of those journos who can’t stand the man, not only because of his less … Continue reading

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Fight the power

It’s rare — very rare — when Miami-Dade’s “strong mayor,” Carlos Alvarez, its board of county commissioners, and local activists (for low income housing and the poor) agree, on anything. When they do, one should take notice.  In this case, … Continue reading

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They’ll do a heckuva job

The Department of Housing and Urban Development moved today to take over Miami-Dade County’s troubled housing agency, following months of scandal uncovered in a Pulitzer Prize winning Miami Herald series: The federal government seized control of the Miami-Dade Housing Authority … Continue reading

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Interesting … times two

Two interesting takes on the state of Black talk radio: one … two … BTW, Don Cheadle should get an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Petey Greene in “Talk To Me.” I was going to say more, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Cordesman begs to differ

Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution has gotten a lot of mileage out of playing indignant over charges that he has been a booster of the Iraq war, and the current surge strategy of George W. Bush. This following his … Continue reading

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The Democratic grudge match

The Democratic debate tonight on MSNBC, sponsored by the AFL-CIO, is a wrap. It was by far the most contentious, combative debate so far, and the leading candidates ripped into each other in a way that was almost uncomfortable to … Continue reading

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