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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Nooses across America
What's going on in America these days? First, we have the outrage of the Jena 6 case, which Rev. Sharpton has rightly said should be the subject of a federal, criminal investigation against the racist (my word, not Sharpton's) prosecutor... and now, here comes Maryland, where some idiot (or some idiots...) hung a noose from a tree near the Black student center at the University of Maryland.

I've been on that campus. It's a beautiful campus. But apparently, it, like so much of America, is infused with ugly elements.

Attention White People! This is a noose, this is what it means:

But frighteningly enough, some of you already know that.

And then there's this: a case that makes Dunbar Village look like a walk in the park:

A black West Virginia woman was sexually assaulted, stabbed, and tortured while being held captive by her white abductors, one of whom told her, "That's what we do to niggers around here." The 23-year-old victim was freed Saturday after cops responded to the home of Frankie Brewster for a "welfare check on a female that was reportedly being held against her will." When cops arrived, Brewster claimed she was the only one home, but then the victim limped to the door and said, "Help me." According to six harrowing criminal complaints, the woman, who apparently had been held for more than a week, had four stab wounds in her left leg, bruised eyes, and had been repeatedly sexually assaulted and humiliated. The woman told police that she was forced to lick Brewster's "toes, vagina, and anal cavity." Brewster's son Bobby forced the woman to eat dog and rat feces, according to one complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court. The victim, who is now hospitalized, was raped at knifepoint, choked with a cable cord, and had her hair pulled and cut during the ordeal.

Authorities are still looking for two people who drove the victim to the perps' home. This case is as sickening as it gets. If I believed in the death penalty, I'd want these devils to get the chair. Just look at them ... all Anglo Americans should get together and excommunicate them.

As John Aravosis points, out, a lot of White people are laboring under the delusion that racism is a relic of the past. It isn't. And it's up to White people to confront their own demons, and the demons among them.

By the way, a lot of people have been clamoring for Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineau Blanco to intervene in the case. Well here's what she's had to say on the case:

“I have received hundreds of calls, letters and emails from citizens concerned about the situation involving the case of the high school students in Jena, La. As Governor, as a citizen of the State of Louisiana, and as a mother, without rushing to judgment, I condemn racism in any form, and I fully expect that those involved in this case, including all parties, will act with fairness and in complete good faith. [Really??? Is that what you "fully expect," Kathleen...?]

“I must clear up a widespread misunderstanding of my authority in this case. Our State Constitution provides for three Branches of State Government - Legislative, Executive, and Judicial - and the Constitution prohibits anyone in one branch from exercising the powers of anyone in another branch. This issue is currently a matter in the Judicial System, and should those involved in this case suffer any defects, it is their right to address them in that system through the appeals court.

“Again, the oversight regarding how this case was handled, from arrest to prosecution, lies within the Justice System. Therefore, I have consulted Attorney General Charles Foti and Donald Washington, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, regarding these events in Jena. As a result, General Foti has been and is in consultation with U.S. Attorney Washington and other members of the Justice System. Regardless of the outcome of this case, the Jena community has much healing ahead of it, and I urge all those citizens to come together for the common good of their community and their state. Our children deserve nothing less.”

Well that's nice, Kathleen. In other words, you don't intend to do a damned thing about it, except for the hoping for healing thing.

To be fair, Blanco does not have the unilateral power to pardon anyone. She can, by law, only consider pardons brought to her by the Louisiana clemency board. That means its time to put pressure on that board, to take up the cases on Mychal Bell and the other four young men who are facing trial (Bell is facing sentencing next Thursday) as adults (the sixth member of the Jena Six was charged as a juvenile.)

Update on the powers of the Louisiana governor:
Pardon, Commutation, Reprieve, and Remission; Board of Pardons. (1) The governor may grant reprieves to persons convicted of offenses against the state and, upon favorable recommendation of the Board of Pardons, may commute sentences, pardon those convicted of offenses against the state, and remit fines and forfeitures imposed for such offenses. However, a first offender convicted of a non-violent crime, or convicted of aggravated battery, second degree battery, aggravated assault, mingling harmful substances, aggravated criminal damage to property, purse snatching, extortion, or illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities never previously convicted of a felony shall be pardoned automatically upon completion of his sentence, without a recommendation of the Board of Pardons and without action by the governor.

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