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Friday, September 21, 2007
The State of Louisiana vs. the 21st Century
Why won't the State of Louisiana release Mychal Bell? His conviction on aggravated battery charges has been thrown out of court by an appeals court. The bulk of the sane world sees that the prosecutor, and clearly the judge, in this case, are determined to railroad young Mr. Bell and the other members of the group now known as the "Jena 6" into prison for a substantial portion of their lives. The reason why seems equally clear, given the retrograde racial canons of Jena, Louisiana. But will all of the protests, the abysmal publicity, and the incredible public pressure now on that backward state, and its even more backward system of "justice" -- and I put that term in quotes quite on purpose -- the judge and prosecutor seem to be working hand in hand to retain custody of Mychal Bell no matter what.


Meanwhile, purse, unadulterated ignorance is still in fashion in Jena (would that it would only be there...) A picture of the latest nooses to grace that backward town (which the AP managed to portray as Mayberry in its slanted report of today) is below:

Smart move, rednecks. I guess you haven't figured out that prosecutors -- even in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana, now HAVE TO charge you with a crime for doing some stupid stuff like that...

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