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Friday, October 05, 2007
Martin Anderson trial, day two
Medical experts testified yesterday about Matin Lee Anderson's medical condition, and what relationship his sickle cell trait may have had to his death. Most salient point:
Chief medical examiner for the state of New Hampshire, Dr. Thomas Andrew, a prosecution witness, said Anderson was not suffocated, but died from a combination of a lack of oxygen due to the sickle-cell trait he had, the ''inappropriate'' use of ammonia capsules and the blows and strikes he took from drill instructors. All of those led to a ''lethal chain of events.''

He said the lack of oxygen ''is the tipping point in all these events.'' By the time the paramedics came, Anderson had brain damage but was still breathing.

Anderson's cause of death is complex, Andrew said, and when asked by Assistant State Attorney Scott Harmon if Anderson would have died without the actions of the guards, he said, ''no.''...
More updates as they come.


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