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Saturday, November 24, 2007
Ye Olde Primary Calendar
Courtesy of the Freep:

Jan. 3: Iowa caucuses

Jan. 5: Wyoming GOP caucuses

Jan. 8: New Hampshire primary

Jan. 15: Michigan primary

Jan. 19: Nevada caucuses, South Carolina GOP primary

Jan. 26: South Carolina Democratic primary

Jan. 29: Florida primary

Feb. 1: Maine Republican caucuses

Feb. 5: Alabama primary, Alaska caucuses, Arizona primary, Arkansas primary, California primary, Colorado caucuses, Connecticut primary, Delaware primary, Georgia primary, Idaho Democratic caucuses, Illinois primary, Kansas Democratic caucuses, Minnesota caucuses, Missouri primary, New Jersey primary, New Mexico Democratic caucuses, New York primary, North Dakota caucuses, Oklahoma primary, Tennessee primary, Utah primary

Feb. 9: Kansas Republican caucuses, Louisiana primary

Feb. 10: Maine Democratic caucuses

Feb. 12: District of Columbia primary, Maryland primary, Virginia primary

Feb. 19: Hawaii Democratic caucuses, Washington primary, Wisconsin primary (Hawaii Republicans will have no primary or caucus.)

March 4: Massachusetts primary, Ohio primary, Rhode Island primary, Texas primary, Vermont primary

March 8: Wyoming Democratic caucuses

March 11: Mississippi primary

April 22: Pennsylvania primary

May 6: Indiana primary, North Carolina primary

May 13: Nebraska primary, West Virginia primary

May 20: Kentucky primary, Oregon primary

May 27: Idaho Republican primary

June 3: Montana primary, New Mexico GOP caucuses, South Dakota primary

Thanks to the machinations, mainly of the DNC, Iowa and New Hampshire, two of the least diverse, least representative states in the Union, have an even more outsized influence on who the next president will be. This thing is over after February 5th.

The WaPo offers a handy map, complete with clickable state delegate counts.

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