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Monday, December 31, 2007
Democracy is the best revenge
Benazir Bhutto's 19-year-old son, Bilawal Bhutto Zargari, prepares to take over his mother's political party, and he and his father call for the January 8 elections to go forward. Reports the Guardian of London:
Benazir Bhutto's 19-year-old son Bilawal was catapulted into the maelstrom of Pakistani politics yesterday, appointed leader of her party just three days after the assassination that plunged the country into chaos.
It is arguably the most perilous job in Pakistani politics. Bilawal's grandfather died at the gallows, his mother following last week's bomb and bullet attack. But his leadership will be initially symbolic because the party will be stewarded by his father, Asif Zardari, until his studies at Oxford are over.

"When I am at university my father will take care of the party," said Bilawal at his maiden press conference at the family estate in Naudero.
"The party's long struggle for democracy will continue with renewed vigour," he said. "My mother always said, democracy is the best revenge."

It was a remarkable day for Bilawal, described by relatives as a polite, somewhat bookish young man who just one week ago was a university student on Christmas break at the family home in Dubai.

Now, barely coming to terms with the assassination of his mother, he has become the titular head of Pakistan's greatest political dynasty as the country staggers towards turbulent elections.

If Benazir now passes into legend as Pakistan's Diana or JFK, Bilawal now carries the burden as one part Wils, one part John-John. Nothing to envy, that...

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