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Saturday, December 01, 2007
Update: Taylor's killers confess
The Miami Herald has the latest on the Sean Taylor murder. Apparently the four young men who have been arrested -- all of whom are under 21 years of age -- broke into Taylor's home expecting him not to be there (he was supposed to be on the football field, but came home instead to have an injury looked at.) When he surprised them in his bedroom, one of the men shot him in the groin, severing a major artery. Despite the fact that Director Parker (chief of Miami-Dade Police) says the three didn't go to the home to kill Taylor, all will be charged with murder. That's how things are done here in Florida. From the Herald story:
''We have confessions, but I'm not going to talk about the details of the confessions at this point,'' Miami-Dade Police Director Robert Parker said at a news conference in Doral.

The family of suspect Jason Mitchell, 19, told The Miami Herald that he had attended a party for Taylor's half-sister, Sasha Johnson, at Taylor's Palmetto Bay home. Investigators believe Taylor's relatives may have bragged about his wealth.

Police also arrested Charles Wardlow, 18, a cousin of Johnson's boyfriend. Also cuffed were Eric Rivera, 17, and Venjah Hunte, 20. All face murder charges.

Investigators late Friday were still trying to figure out who shot Taylor.

As is common in such cases, the four gave detectives conflicting statements and blamed one another.

Under Florida law, anyone who commits a felony that leads to a death can be charged with murder.

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