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Thursday, December 20, 2007
Wexler wants hearings
It's interesting to see Rep. Robert Wexler and fellow Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on such polarized opposite sides of an issue, but such a thing is impeachment, that it deeply divides Democrats, more so than it does Republicans. 

Wexler, who is on the pro-hearings side of things, has started his own site,, to dramatize his call for an impeachment inquiry against the vice president. Good for him. And he tells ThinkP that an op-ed he co-wrote with other members of Congress was roundly rejected by all of the major rags -- none of whom take the notion of impeaching this president seriously.

These are the same papers that ran rabid with stories ginning up impeachment against one William Jefferson Clinton, not for lying to Congress to get us into a war, not for possibly secreting evidence of crimes against U.S. laws banning torture, not for illegally surveilling the American people with the help of private companies, not for defying Congress and junking the Constitution by using signing statements to make and discard laws ... but for having sex with some chick in a big old thong.

Here's what Wexler told The HuffPo, courtesy of ThinkProgress:
We laid out precisely why the House Judiciary Committee should open up hearings. … And we set out in an op-ed why we should do it, and none of the major newspapers in the country — the New York Times or the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the LA Times — they chose not to run it.

I thought it was a fairly significant statement by the mainstream media that when members of the House Judiciary Committee lay out a credible claim for why impeachment hearings should begin regarding the Vice President of the United States, and they refuse to run it, then we decided well we would start this website…and see what the feeling was in terms of mainstream America.
Only in America.

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