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The CIA was warned: don’t destroy the tapes

Some non-Iowa news from NBC: California hawk Jane Harman warned the CIA not to destroy the now infamous torture tapes: WASHINGTON – The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee warned in a 2003 letter that destroying videotapes of terrorist … Continue reading

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Winners and losers …

(Bumped) Tonight’s winners are pretty straightforward: – Barack Obama – big win (8 points), great speech, press corps love, and huge momentum coming out of Iowa.- Mike Huckabee – big win, (9 points), press corps love, and he still manages … Continue reading

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Dodd and Biden drop out

Joe Biden and Chris Dodd won 1 and 0 percent of Iowa precincts tonight and both announced that they will exit the race. Both do so graciously and with nothing to be ashamed of. Somebody please phone Duncan Hunter and … Continue reading

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The calendar

In case you haven’t memorized it yet, here’s the primary calendar. The key, early contests (especially if your last name is Giuliani) are on January 29 and February 5th (here’s the GOP with the delegate count included, and here’s the … Continue reading

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Okay, now I’ll make a prediction

Barack Obama, having won Iowa handily, will now very likely win New Hampshire and South Carolina. I spoke tonight with an African-American State Senator here in Florida who is a big Obama supporter. She may head to SC to campaign … Continue reading

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The feel good election

Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee win Iowa. … Decisively. Right now its Obama – 37% (766)Edwards – 30 (626)Hillary – 30 (622) on the Democratic side, and for the GOP its Huckabee – 34% Romney – 25Thompson – 14McCain – … Continue reading

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