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Passing the torch

It’s rare that I completely agree with Chris Matthews, but today, I do. As Chris just said on MSNBC, today, Ted Kennedy, his son Patrick and his niece Caroline “transferred all the majesty and magic of the Kennedy legacy to … Continue reading

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The sword in the stone

President John F. Kennedy with Robert and Ted Kennedy at Hyannis Port in 1960 First came Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s moving New York Times op-ed endorsing Barack Obama as a man who could be the president her father was for so … Continue reading

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The second Black president?

Author Toni Morrison, who wrote two of my favorite books ever, “Song of Solomon” and “Beloved,” and who also coined the term “the first Black president” in this 1998 essay in the New Yorker, referring to Bill Clinton as “Blacker … Continue reading

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Thad Cochran: ‘John McCain scares me’

Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran endorsed John McCain last week, as you may have heard. And while it likely came in part due to the two men’s disagreements on … er … pork (something supremely important to the country’s poorest state, … Continue reading

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