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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Florida returns coming in
I'm watching the returns on MSNBC and also tracking them on the Florida Elections Website (and the Miami-Dade Elections website, since I'm also tracking a local issue on slot machine expansion.) So far, the incredible thing is the turnout -- on both the Republican and Democratic side (despite the DNC's foolish attempt to disenfranchise what could turn out to be half a million Florida Democrats.)

So far, Hillary is leading on the Dem side:

Hillary - 236,758 - 50.8%
Obama - 132, 459 - 28.4
Edwards - 80,560 - 17.3

With about 25% reporting.

Huckabee and McCain are locked in a death struggle on the other side:

Romney - 230,587 - 34.1%
McCain - 226,474 - 33.5
Rudy - 97,705 - 14.4 (must drop out or risk humiliation in New York....)
Huckabee - 88,237 - 13.0 (the Panhandle will come in last and help boost these stats)
Paul - 21,316 - 3.2

Oh, and like 1,300 people voted for Alan Keyes. Crazy Florida bastards...

Update: John McCain is now leading in Miami-Dade County. Chalk some of that mo up to the Martinez endorsement and the bona fides it leant McCain with Cuban-Americans.

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