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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Wah ... wah ... waaaaaaaahhh...
What happened to all that McCain magic in Michigan? Wasn't this supposed to be Baghdad John's insurgent moment, when he took down that plasticine pimpernel, Mitt Romney, to seize the momentum, and the Republican nomination for president?

I spoke with a friend of mine in Michigan tonight, and she reminded me of a big, gigantic reason why the media, once again, got ahead of themselves on McCain's maverick potential in the industrial heartland:

Mitt Romney.

You know, the son of the very popular former governor of Michigan and president of American Motors -- in Detroit -- whose name is also Romney? (George Romney, that is.) And the guy who still has family members running around the place all popular like, and whose names are ... also Romney?

Yep. That Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney pictured with his dad, former Michigan Governor George Romney,
in New York in 1964 (Romney ran for president as an unremarkable Mormon in 1968.)
Click here for a fascinating vintage article from TIME on George Romney's
"brainwashing" on Vietnam...

The guy who just won Michigan by about 9 points.

So where does Ole' Johnny go from here? Not to South Carolina, my dears. That's Huckabot territory (with Fred Thompson finally having a pulse and Romney beating expectations, I'd guess...) And Florida? Bible belt. Give that to the Huckster, too (Rudy? Um ... in Miami, maybe, but north of Orange County? I think not.)

Update: And what's with McCain's concession speech in which he slipped and said that the voters of "Mexi... I mean Michigan ... rewarded a native son...?" Is that the old, nasty McCain coming back, or a genuine slip of the tongue...? Hell, this is politics. That was the nasty McCain.

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