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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Desperate times, part 2 (or, 'Damn you, reasonable Obama!')
The Righties are already arming themselves for the fight against Barack Obama, as evidenced by odd posts like this one, which I think is attempting to scare you AWAY from Barack:
Obama and Gun Control:

His record isn't likely to win back the rural "pro-gun" voters who've fled to the Republicans in recent years, likely costing Gore the election in 2000. From the Chicago Defender, Dec. 13, 1999:
Sweeping federal gun control legislation proposed by Sen. Barack Obama (D-13th) would increase the penalties on gun runners who are flooding Chicago's streets with illegal weapons.

At an anti-gun rally held at the Park Manor Christian Church, 600 E. 73rd St., headed by the Rev. James Demus, Obama also said he's backing a resolution being introduced into the City Council by Alds. Toni Preckwinkle (4th), Ted Thomas (15th), Leslie Hairston (5th) to call for a "shot-free" millennium celebration.

Obama outlined his anti-gun plan that includes increased penalties for the interstate transportation of firearms. The maximum penalty now for bringing a gun across the border is 10 years in prison. Obama is proposing to make it a felony for a gun owner whose firearm was stolen from his residence which causes harm to another person if that weapon was not securely stored in that home. [!!!]

He's proposing restricting gun purchases to one weapon a month and banning the sale of firearms at gun shows except for "antique" weapons. Obama is also proposing increasing the licensing fee to obtain a federal firearms license.

He's also seeking a ban on police agencies from reselling their used weapons even if those funds are used to buy more state-of-the-art weapons for their agencies. Obama wants only those over 21 who've passed a basic course to be able to buy or own a firearm.

He's proposing that all federally licensed gun dealers sell firearms in a storefront and not from their homes while banning their business from being within five miles of a school or a park. He's also banning the sale of 'junk" handguns like the popular Saturday Night Specials.

Obama is requiring that all people working at a gun dealer undergo a criminal background check. He's also asking that gun manufacturers be required to develop safety measures that permit only the original owner of the firearm to operate the weapon purchased.

Additionally, he wants an increase of the funds for schools to teach anger management skills for youth between the ages of 5-13. Obama is also seeking to increase the federal taxes by 500 percent on the sale of firearm, ammunition [sic] -- weapons he says are most commonly used in firearm deaths.
Well we wouldn't want to piss off the Saturday Night Special, bulk automatic weapon-buying campus shooter, flood the streets with former police weaponry for the gangs to purchase, selling sawed offs next to the school building electorate... (gulp)

That pearl of wisdom came from the good folks at RedState, in a post that led with this:
Now that more attention is being paid to the possibility of Obama as the nominee, perhaps we could also pay attention to radical proposals that have been part and parcel of his political positions.
Radical? You mean radical positions like this?
"In an environment of scarcity, where the cost of living is rising, folks begin to get angry and bitter and look for scapegoats. Historically, instead of looking at the top 5% of this country that controls all the wealth, we turn towards each other, and the Republicans have added to the fire." [Hyde Park Citizen, 1995]
Oh yeah, he's stark raving mad, all right! No NORMAL person could possibly believe that in bad economic times people tend to look for scapegoats among other people who don't have anything. I mean COME ON!


Good thing we have John McCain to straighten us out. What we need in these times of scarcity -- ahem -- are big corporate tax cuts, even BIGGER tax cuts for high net worth individuals, looser gun laws and same year depreciation... oh and 100 years of WAR, WAR, GLORIOUS WAR!!!!!

Yep. That's the ticket.


Part one: Desperate Times

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